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Welcome to Arcane Properties Home on the web!  We see you have chosen to learn more about us as a company.  To do that however you need to understand some background about the President and how the philosophy of Arcane Properties came about. To do that however we need to tell you a story…

When Bob McIntosh moved to Chicago right out of school, it was an exciting time.  A new job, a new city, a new apartment, a new everything!  Chicago was exactly what he needed to propel himself forward in this new endeavor.  After a while, and with insight from his new friends in the city, he quickly realized that his residence offered superior service compared to any of his friends.  This made him take pride in his dwelling even though it wasn’t really his.  At the time, this notion of having pride in your residence just struck him as normal.  Why wouldn’t you have pride in a place you enjoyed living in so much?

Within a year’s time, an excellent opportunity presented itself for Bob just outside of New York City.  So Bob jumped on it and moved himself to Jersey City, NJ.  This is when Bob began to understand that his new residence was different.  There was something missing, and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  It was not until early 2008 that he began to realize he was missing the pride in his residence.  It wasn’t just him though, the entire building seemed to feel this way.  It was even reflected by the management when they dealt with tenants.  They didn’t have any pride in their building either!  This lack of pride made Bob stop and think.

With this thought on the forefront of his mind, Bob began Arcane Properties in June of 2008 with the goal of bringing superior service to all of its projects.  Superior service, high quality, trustworthy people, those are the basics of Arcane Foundations.  They are at the heart of every unit for rent, house renovated, development created, and personal interaction that Arcane Properties does.

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