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3 New York Real Estate Trends to Watch

Posted by Bob McIntosh // October 22, 2014


Is now a good time for younger buyers to become virgin buyers? With the economy picking up and home buyers feeling secure that they can receive low mortgage rates, more couples, families, even singles, are opting to buy a home. Would it surprise anyone to learn the Gen X’ers are doing the most home buying […]

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With real estate properties increasing 8.5% to an average of $1,395 for square foot, can first time home buyers afford to be picky about their first home? First-time home buyers may be nervous putting in their bids because they face rejection in an already tight housing market. However, buying a home can be a rewarding […]

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Home Inspections in Western NY – Do You Need One?

Posted by Bob McIntosh // October 8, 2014


What to expect at home inspection and why you need One Walk through a home and there may not appear to be anything wrong, but this is why you need the experienced eyes of a licensed, professional inspector. It is best to know the potential problems (even with a new home) before you buy. Keep […]

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Bob and the Arcane Properties team is an incredible person to have in your Rolodex. His broad knowledge, connections, leadership, experience and high integrity are only a few of the many attributes that Bob has to bring to the table. He has been so supportive to help others grow their business, a hard working man with a strong desire to provide the best within his reach and beyond.

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